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The 8 Best Paint Sprayers to Buy in 2018

When you have a lot of space to cover with paint, the only way to do it in a timely and efficient manner is with a sprayer. A paint sprayer can literally cut the job in half or more while still providing a perfect coat to most surfaces. Unfortunately, many people assume that paint sprayers are too expensive for anyone but the most dedicated professionals. In reality, however, there is a whole range of sprayer options available. From budget to professional sprayers,best paint sprayer for home use  , there's something out there for your needs if you know what you're looking for.

Paint sprayers all do the same thing: paint using force or pressure to create a nice, even coat on the surface. Most sprayers use either air pressure or electricity. Electric sprayers are some of the most convenient options to consider if you want something that can handle the weekend warrior-type of project. If you have something larger to paint or are a professional looking to upgrade your tools, an air-driven sprayer will be more durable and long-lasting for longer projects. The amount of control over the spray pattern is another important property. More expensive and professional options give you the maximum amount of control, but even budget options will be flexible.

For a more in-depth look at your options, here are the best paint sprayers to buy in 2017.

Best Overall: Wagner 518080

You shouldn't have to spend a lot to get a great paint sprayer to use around the house. While professional sprayers will often give you the best of the best features and capabilities, they are usually overkill for DIY projects. To avoid paying more than you have to, you will want a paint sprayer that is designed for the types of projects common around the home, garage or yard. The Wagner 518080 sprayer is at home painting exterior and interior walls and other surfaces. It's compact and lightweight, meaning you won't have to struggle with handling the sprayer as you move it around from room to room or while painting long walls.

This prayer is also highly customizable to fit the specific needs of your project. A variable air pressure control allows you to change the force the sprayer uses to release paint. The variable flow trigger dial will also change the spray width. This, in combination with the three spray patterns, will allow you to tailor the paint spray to the surface you are painting. For extra convenience, this sprayer also comes with a 20-foot flexible air hose to extend your reach without having to lug around the air tank as you work.

Runner Up, Best Overall: Wagner Flexio590 Sprayer

For a paint sprayer that offers some of the professional features more expensive options provide, the Wagner Flexio 590 Sprayer is a great alternative to the top pick on this list. For around the same price, you will get additional features that are better for longer, more intensive projects you may find around the house or outside. Some of these features include multiple nozzle options, an adjustable power dial for choosing various coats, as well as a wide variety of paints to use.

This air-driven sprayer comes with the iSpray adjustable nozzle that allows you to easily switch from horizontal to vertical and wide to narrow patterns immediately. There is also a detailed finish nozzle for more precise work so you can spray around smaller, harder-to-reach spots. While some people may find these additional options to be complicated with a higher learning curve, paint enthusiasts will appreciate the extra degree of control and possibility. This sprayer can easily handle various types of unthinned interior and exterior latex or oil-based paints, stains and urethane products.

Best Budget: Wagner Power Products 0417005

Budget paint sprayers are the perfect option for people who have little to no experience painting using this type of tool. While most budget options don't offer the same amount of handy settings and features, the right one like the Wagner Power Products 0417005 will still give you plenty of options while providing a great finish. This budget sprayer is one of the smallest and lightest air-powered options available. Particularly suited for outdoor use, the included air turbine rivals more expensive options and can handle a number of different types of stains, varnishes, sealers and lacquers.

The gun comes with a three position dial to adjust the spray pattern from a vertical, horizontal or round position. This sprayer is also one of the only budget options that provides a high level of control over the pressure and speed of the spray. To keep the user and others around you safe while in use, the sprayer comes with several replaceable filters that catch harmful particles.

Runner Up, Best Budget: SprayIt SP-352 Gravity Feed

To save the most amount of money possible while buying a new paint sprayer, the SprayIt SP-352 Gravity Feed is the only choice to consider. Unlike regular sprayers, this one goes old-school using gravity. The paint is held above the main body of the gun so it can drip through at a constant 44 to 58 PSI. If you are looking for an additional or specialized sprayer to add to your collection, this is an affordable option that is right at home on automotive, woodworking and industrial/marine paint projects.

The aluminum paint cup is designed to swivel around the main body of the gun so you can adjust the angle of the sprayer as you work. The nozzle features a basic amount of adjustability, allowing you to control the fan pattern and pressure. Since it is smaller than other typical paint sprayers, this one is highly recommended for smaller projects where you don't need as much coverage.

Best Air: Graco Magnum 257025

For maximum flexibility, a dedicated air-driven paint sprayer is the best route to go. Air paint sprayers, like the Graco Magnum 257025, provide a consistent and highly adjustable stream of air to force the paint out. They also offer the most flexibility with accessories since you can typically choose to use different size paint buckets, air tanks and a variety of accessories, making it a good choice for larger, multi-gallon projects.

Instead of drawing paint from a cup, this sprayer includes a flexible suction tube to take paint straight from a one- or five-gallon bucket. The suction tube makes it easy to quickly exchange or refill paint buckets as you begin to run low on longer projects. It also comes with a 50-foot paint hose for outdoor use on roofs and second stories without losing the consistent air pressure. Clean-up is a breeze with a dedicated garden hose adapter, allowing you to automatically clean the insides in the yard.

Best Electric: HomeRight C800766

Electric paint sprayers are all about convenience. Instead of having to deal with a complicated setup that includes a gun, air compressor, air tank and a can or bucket, most electric sprayers combine everything you need into one or two components. The HomeRight C800766 is one of the most reliable sprayers to consider and is a great alternative for projects that typically call for a brush or roller. The sprayer is small enough to be used on interior walls, cabinetry, furniture and other smaller projects.

The on-board motor pushes out a high volume of air at low pressure using the included electric cord so the paint comes out even. With an extension cord, you can use this sprayer in larger areas without having to move around a separate air tank and paint can. The included paint cup is easy to clean and to switch out when you need to replenish or replace your paint supply.

Best Carted: Graco Magnum 262805 X7

More power from a paint sprayer usually requires a larger, heavier setup. When you need this extra level of capability, the most convenient way to lug around this setup is with a cart. A heavy duty carted sprayer such as the Graco Magnum 262805 X7 keeps everything contained and stabilized as you work around a large space. This one, in particular, comes with a dual wheel cart that conveniently holds a one- or five-gallon paint bucket and 100 feet of paint hose for second and third story walls.

A part of the extra weight of this sprayer comes from the heavy duty, stainless steel motor that will take any unthinned paint for high-pressure use. The sprayer also comes with Graco's power flush hookup that will conveniently connect to any garden hose for fast cleanup. Rated for up to 125 gallons per year, this sprayer is the go to choice for multiple paint projects throughout the year.

Best Professional: Graco Magnum 262800 X5
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If you need the absolute best, look no further than the Graco Magnum 262800 X5. There are more expensive options available, but none of them come close to offering the same set of professional features at an affordable price point. With this kind of sprayer, you get the maximum level of adjustability and control over the spray pattern, pressure and types of paint you can use on virtually any project. This option is meant to use a variety of paints, including heavy latex and thick stains with ease.

One handy professional feature is the RAC IV SwitchTip. If the sprayer ever gets clogged, this feature allows you to quickly reverse the tip to get the paint flowing again. The sprayer also comes with a 75-foot paint hose that will keep the air pressure consistent as you move around a large room or go up in height.  

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