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5 Ways To Become Popular On Social Media

Popularity is the keyword in this game… and I’m not just talking about making money online but about selling in general.

Maybe in the 60s it was enough to just start bottling soda, name it coca cola and kill the game, maybe it was enough to create some cool software a few years ago and sell like crazy, but this is not the case now.

Now there is everything and everybody wants to sell.

Money is made a different way – first you become popular, then you start selling, and not vice versa as most people do and fail.

I don’t use Facebook that much (if not for paid ads) and I’ve never really gotten Twitter, but I’m pretty popular online (which is why I don’t have time for Facebook that much, neither do I need it) and I’ve made a list of my top 5 ways to become popular on social media… online too.

1 Invest in clothes

What? LOL

ya, looking sharp is a must if you want to be popular. All people care about is how you look, what ride you have, where you live etc. No one cares how awesome your blog is, or how intelligent you are, or anything else that actually matters…

…no, the world is at a point people care about material stuff. OK, I’ll give you an example, I know you like backed up claims, I don’t care about backing up anything cause whatever I say – I know, but I’ll do it for you…

I told you how a bimmer made me a millionaire at 22, and if you haven’t read it yet, I’ll snap right now LOL, why would you miss such a a cool article?

But I also want you to take a look at this photo


I posted it on Fb a while ago, it’s a stupid photo in an elevator LOL, but people loved it cause I look awesome, I got like 100 friend requests plus the likes and comments, which are kinda a lot having in mind I post a few times a year and have about 600 friends (I don’t accept random people, you can follow me if you want, or maybe I’ll accept you, you have to be cool since you are reading this post).

Anyway, you can see what I wanted to say, buy clothes and take pictures of you looking awesome, people will like your photos… and you don’t need to make millions for that, if you don’t have that much money, you can always go here (update: Liketwice has shut down and I couldn’t find a substitute as good… I’m sure you can do that yourself if you have a few minutes to search Google) and buy the coolest brands for a few hundred dollars, I shop there, and why not when banana republic is 20 bucks and it’s 200 at the mall.

2 Be entertaining

I don’t know if you like video (it’s time you started liking it), but there’s nothing more powerful than being entertaining. No one likes boring people, you don’t like boring people, do you?

I have a friend on Facebook who posts about two videos each day, not even that entertaining, but he is quite popular because of his video marketing… and a few years ago he was just a regular guy trying to make a buck.

That’s the power of video, that’s why there are so many You Tubers posting all types of stuff and monetizing via ads.

Here’s what to read if you want to go this way: The Only Video Optimization Article You’ll Ever Need

If you don’t feel comfortable on video, you can create uplifting slide show videos… they tend to work even better, read this article to learn about them:

3 Start a network marketing company

It’s as easy as 2+2 (will tell you in a sec.) which is why a lot of marketers choose it, and it’s also deadly (yep, that’s the right word) effective.

A wise man once said: “rich people build assets, wealthy people build networks”, and that wise man is me LMAO. I love my intelligent sense of humor, I’m typing and laughing and you know that getting other people to say you have intelligent sense of humor instead of doing it yourself (like me) is the real deal…

…and it will happen if you build a network marketing company, here’s how:

1 Create a traffic guide and put up a sales video page (shoot the video yourself) to sell that guide. Let people promote that page.

2 Pay out 100% commissions (it will actually be 75% but who will notice LOL, that’s what 100% commission paying companies do), make the compensation plan so you get pass ups to become famous and make money too (you know how it works, the guy below you sells and you get every second commission or anything like that, you’ll figure it out to not waste time now).

3 Pay some of the top dogs in the industry to push the company until it starts to grow on its own. If you know any of them, even better, you won’t have to pay.

4 upsell to make more money

5 Sit back and enjoy the fame

That formula has been working for quite a while, a lot of people have taken advantage of it and it will work for you too… although once claimed a network marketer, it’s kinda difficult to be taken seriously by huge people.

Most don’t care though, as long as they sell.

4 Read the article about emotional intelligence I wrote

Emotional intelligence is everything. The other day I watched a movie with a robot that had artificial intelligence and at the end that robot tricked everybody, since they knew how to control her feelings (it was a woman, or she was a woman, whatever)… but not just that, the robot knew how to control others’ emotions and even though the person who had created it might have been smarter, it did not matter at all as the robot played them too.

The movie was nothing special, but this stuff made me think about emotional intelligence and how it’s even more important than intelligence itself… if you want to be a leader (famous on social media).

Your social profile, content and everything should trigger emotions, preferably such as curiosity, joy, happiness, trust, admiration etc.

5 Start a FB secret group and join people by asking them to beta test your product

People love to be beta testers of anything, that makes them feel special beyond normal, and the group being secret pumps it up even more.

For the purpose you have to create some software, if you don’t have the money, write a book and give it away for free to those who join the group. This way you’ll have loyal followers who will always like and share your content.

Facebook groups and pages are too much work, though, and you might wanna get a VA (virtual assistant), or an employee to help you run them.

Bonus Method 6

Rent, or borrow an exotic car (or a bike, plane, whatever you can get your hands on) and show off on Facebook.

I know a guy who rents whole mansions for thousands of bucks just to shoot a few videos in them.

You’d thinks that’s wasted money, but it’s really an investment. The guy is the real deal for people who don’t know them.

Sure, it is pretty douchey, but that’s what marketing is in general… if you don’t like it, maybe get into something else.

My motto is:

“It’s better to be rich and pretend you are not, than to be poor and pretend you are rich”

…but I’ve always been more into building assets (like this blog), not marketing. I hire people to promote for me, I don’t like showing off, but it works like nothing else no matter what I think about it… it does, you have to either do it, or find someone to do it for you if you want to be famous.

Now you have 6 ways to become popular on social media, nothing can stop you, just pick one, become famous and start rockin’.

Let me know if you liked this article, and stay awesome.

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موقع فينسورا : أفضل متجر على الانترنت

موقع فينسورا : أفضل متجر على الانترنت

هل تبحث عن افضل قميص نوم ؟
اقدم لك موقع فينسورا هو متجر على الانترنت يقدم أحدث الأزياء العصرية للنساء والرجال والأطفال من مختلف المصممين ودور الأزياء الراقية باسعار مناسبة وتنافسية.
يعد موقع فينسورا من افضل المواقع التي تقدم افضل ليقنز واحذية.
للمزيد من المعلومات المرجوا زيارة :

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Hair Transplants - Expectations , Recovery , Risks and Costs

Hair Transplants - Expectations , Recovery , Risks and Costs

Drt Hair Transplant Clinic
Whatsapp: +905424800030
Adress: Istanbul, TURKEY

Expectations and Recovery

After the surgery, your scalp may be very tender. Hair Transplant Newcastle  , You may need to take pain medications for several days. Your surgeon will have you wear bandages over your scalp for at least a day or two. He may also prescribe an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug for you to take for several days. Most people are able to return to work 2 to 5 days after the operation.

Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out, but you should start to notice new growth within a few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months. Some surgeons prescribe the hair-growing drug minoxidil (Rogaine) to improve hair growth after transplantation, but it’s not clear how well it works.

Risks and Costs of Treatment

The price of a hair transplant will depend largely on the amount of hair you’re moving, but it generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Most insurance plans don’t cover it.

As with any kind of surgery, transplants have some risks, including bleeding and infection. There’s also the chance for scarring and unnatural-looking new hair growth.

Around the time new locks start to grow, some people have inflammation or an infection of the hair follicles, called folliculitis. Antibiotics and compresses can relieve the problem. It’s also possible to suddenly lose some of the original hair in the area where you got the new strands, called shock loss. But most of the time, it’s not permanent.

Talk with your doctor about these risks and how much improvement you’re likely to get from the surgery. He can help you decide if it's a good option for you.

تحميل العاب كاملة برابط مباشر

الالعاب المميزة من العاب الكمبيوتر والموبايل هي من الالعاب الجميلة جدا والتي لاقت اعجاب العديد من اللاعبين عشاقف ومحبي تحميل العاب كاملة وهذه الالعاب معروفة جدا ومفضلة لدي الكثير من اللاعبين مثل تحميل العاب اندرويد كاملة برابط مباشر apk والتي تعتبر من افضل الالعاب الجميلة التي يعشقها اللاعبين وهي احد افضل العاب الموبايل بالاضافة الي ان هناك العاب اخري كثيرة مميزة من العاب الكمبيوتر وهذه الالعاب سريعة التحميل ايضا 

فان من افضل الالعاب الجميلة ايضا هي تحميل لعبة زوما الرائعة و الجميلة والتي تعتبر من افضل العاب المغامرات الجميلة والسريعة جدا وتعتبر من الالعاب الجميلة جدا كما ان العديد من الالعاب المفضلة للاعبين هي من الالعاب الاكثر انتشار بالاضافة الي الالعاب الاخري الرائعة 

تحميل لعبة assassins creed وهذه اللعبة هي من اشهر العاب الحرب الجميلة التي تعتبر من اقوي وافضل الالعاب الجميلة جدا والتي تعتمد علي الكثير من الشخصيات الخيالية التي تعتمد علي الحرب والمغامرات الجميلة جدا وهذه اللعبة مفضلة ورائعة للغاية 

تحميل لعبة سبايدر مان spider man هذه اللعبة تعتد من الالعاب المشهورة جدا في العالم لكون اللعبة واحدة من اهم الالعاب المنشترة عند الاطفال وتعتمد اللعبة علي الكثير من الامكانيات الجميلة جدا مثل الصعود الي ناطحات السحاب وغيرها من الالعاب الجميلة جدا والجركات الاستعراضية المعروفة للجميع 
10 Adımda Modern Ev Döşeme Tüyoları

10 Adımda Modern Ev Döşeme Tüyoları

Yeni evliyseniz veya yeniden ev döşeme düşünceniz varsa farklı dekorasyon stilleri arasında kaybolabilirsiniz. Evinizi bu stillerden hangisine göre döşeyeceğinize karar verirken kısa bir araştırma yapmanız işinizi kolaylaştırabilir.  mobilya , Biz de bu yazımızda sizin için modern ev döşeme ile ilgili küçük fikirler vermeye çalışacağız.

Modern dekorasyon daha sakin, sade ve kullanışlı olmasıyla herkesin beğenisini kazanmıştır. Peki bu uyumu ve sadeliği nasıl yakalayabiliriz? Birkaç maddeyle evinizi nasıl modern dekore edebilirsiniz gelin birlikte bakalım.

Modern Dekorasyona Giden 10 Basamak

Evinizi yeniliyorsanız veya yeni ev kuruyorsanız baştan sona modern mobilyalar, duvar kağıtları, aksesuarlar kullanabilirsiniz. Böyle bir imkânınız yoksa var olan eşyalarınıza sade aksesuarlar, tablolar kullanarak küçük dokunuşlarla modern bir hava katabilirsiniz.

İnternet üzerinde küçük bir araştırma yaptınız ve karşınıza binlerce dekorasyon ürünü çıktı değil mi? Ve hepsi de o kadar güzel ki insanın her birini alıp evinin bir köşesine koyası geliyor. Ancak modern ev dekorasyonu bu güzel eşyalar arasında kaybolmayı değil denge kurmayı ifade ediyor. Yani kullanılacak her şey ne az ne fazla olacak. Bu dengeyi sağlarken dikkat edilmesi gerekenleri size birkaç maddeyle sunmak istiyoruz:

Vilevu Koltuk Takımı

Bulunduğunuz dönemde moda olan veya en sevdiğiniz sakin renklerden birini temel renginiz olarak belirleyin. Dekore edeceğiniz odadaki büyük parçaları bu renkten seçebilir, temel renginize uygun birkaç rengi de küçük aksesuarlarınızda kullanabilirsiniz. Örneğin, Vilevu gibi düz ve sakin renklerde modern bir koltuk takımı seçebilirsiniz.

Açık renkte seçtiğiniz koltuklarınızı daha canlı tonlarda kırlentlerle tamamlayabilirsiniz. Eğer Vilevu gibi krem tonlarda bir koltuk takımı tercih ettiyseniz, pas renginde birkaç küçük kırlentle tamamlamak iyi bir fikir olabilir.

Evimizin temel öğelerinden birisi de şüphesiz perdelerimiz. Modern bir ev döşeme çabası gösterirken, sadeliğin dışına çıkmamak için perdelerinizde renk seçimini çelik mavisinden yana yapabilirsiniz. Tek renk desensiz ya da küçük geometrik desenleri bulunan perdeler bu konuda iyi bir seçim olabilir.

Pas rengi ve çelik mavisi çok ayrı uçlarda renkler gibi görünse de gözünüzde canlandırdığınızda uyumuna bayılacaksınız. Bu renklerde küçük aksesuarlar kullanarak ortamın havasını değiştirmeyi başarabilirsiniz.

Yeni bir ev döşerken avizeler de önemli unsurlardan biri. Son zamanlarda fazlaca talep gören metal çubuklarla oluşturulan geometrik şekilli avizeler hem sakin hem de hoş bir görünüme sahip olmasıyla modern evlerin vazgeçilmezi olmaya başladı bile!

Modern ev döşeme planlarınızın arasında duvar renginizi değiştirmek de varsa yine temel renginizle aynı düz bir duvar kâğıdı tercih edebilirsiniz. Böylece odanızdaki sakinliği ve bütünlüğü koruyabilirsiniz.

Evinizi modern tarzda dekore ederken yer döşemeleriniz konusunda kararsız kalabilirsiniz. Fazlaca tercih edilen doğal ahşap döşemeler daha çok klasik tarzı yansıttığı için modern dekorasyonunuza fazla uyum sağlamayabilir. Peki farklı bir yer döşemesi seçmeye ne dersiniz? Mermer ve granit artık mutfak tezgahları ve banyo duvarları dışında yer döşemesi olarak da kullanılmaya başlandığına göre bu güzellikten faydalanmak şart oldu. Duvar renginize yakın tonlarda ince koyu damarları olan mermer ya da granit bir yer döşemesi evinize çok hoş bir hava katacaktır.

Eğer bütçeniz çok kısıtlı değilse yer döşemesinin yanı sıra süpürgelik kısmına denk gelen yerlere yaklaşık on santimetre genişliğinde oniks mermer döşeterek altına ışık koydurabilirsiniz. Böylece son zamanlarda oldukça talep gören oniks mermerin yarı geçirgen özelliğinden faydalanarak hoş bir yer ışıklandırması yapabilirsiniz.

Bass New Yemek Odası Takımı

Modern ev dekorasyonu yaparken sakinlik ve sadelik esas. Ancak bu ruhsuz bir eve sahip olacağınız anlamına gelmiyor. Duvarlarınızı biraz hareketlendirmeye ne dersiniz? Yağlı boya tablolar kullanarak bu alanı çok daha şık bir hale getirmeniz mümkün. Burada yemek odası takımınızın aynaları da kurtarıcı olabilir. Tıpkı Bass Yemek Odası Takımı’nda olduğu gibi…

Bu yılın trendi şüphesiz mermer! Bu nedenle mermer desenine sahip uzun bir vazoyla dekorasyonu tamamlamak iyi bir fikir olacaktır. Vazo içerisine koyduğunuz bambularla ortama doğallık katabilirsiniz. Modern dekorasyon yaparken aksesuar sayısını az tutmanız daha uygun olacaktır. Böylece fazla dağınıklık ve karmaşa oluşmayacaktır.

Son olarak küçük bir duvarınıza ayna döşemeye ne dersiniz? Geometrik şekilli aynalar, odanızı hem olduğundan daha geniş gösterecek hem de pencerelerden giren ışığı yansıtarak odanızı aydınlatacak, doğal ışıktan daha fazla yararlanmanıza olanak sağlayacaktır.

Birbirinden farklı dekorasyon önerileri için diğer blog yazılarımıza da göz atabilirsiniz.

Siz de modern bir ev döşemek için hangi adımları uyguladığınızı yorum olarak bizlerle paylaşmayı unutmayın!
Sibutramine Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

Sibutramine Uses, Side Effects & Warnings

What is sibutramine?

Sibutramine was withdrawn from the U.S. market in October 2010.

Sibutramine affects chemicals in the brain that affect weight maintenance.

Sibutramine is used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity that may be related to diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. 

if you need buy sibutramine online click on the link .

Sibutramine may also be used for other purposes not listed in this medication guide.

What is the most important information I should know about sibutramine?

Sibutramine was withdrawn from the U.S. market in October 2010.

Do not use sibutramine if you have taken an MAO inhibitor such as furazolidone (Furoxone), isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), rasagiline (Azilect), selegiline (Eldepryl, Emsam), or tranylcypromine (Parnate) in the last 14 days. Serious, life threatening side effects can occur if you use sibutramine before the MAO inhibitor has cleared from your body.

You should not take sibutramine if you are allergic to it, or if you have severe or uncontrolled high blood pressure, an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia), if you are taking stimulant diet pills, or if you have a history of coronary artery disease, stroke, or heart disease.

Before taking sibutramine, tell your doctor if you have glaucoma, high blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, depression, underactive thyroid, seizures, a bleeding disorder, a history of gallstones, or if you are older than 65 or younger than 16.

Tell your doctor about all prescription and over-the-counter medications you use, especially antidepressants, cold or allergy medication, narcotic pain medicine, or migraine headache medicines.

Tell your doctor if you do not lose at least 4 pounds after taking the medication for 4 weeks along with a low calorie diet.

What should I discuss with my healthcare provider before taking sibutramine?

Do not use sibutramine if you have taken an MAO inhibitor such as furazolidone (Furoxone), isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), rasagiline (Azilect), selegiline (Eldepryl, Emsam), or tranylcypromine (Parnate) in the last 14 days. Serious, life threatening side effects can occur if you use sibutramine before the MAO inhibitor has cleared from your body.

You should not take this medication if you are allergic to sibutramine, or if you have:

severe or uncontrolled hypertension (high blood pressure);

an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia);

a history of coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis);

a history of heart disease (congestive heart failure, heart rhythm disorder);

a history of heart attack or stroke; or

if you are taking stimulant diet pills.

If you have any of these other conditions, you may need a sibutramine dose adjustment or special tests:


high blood pressure;

liver disease;

kidney disease;


underactive thyroid;

epilepsy or seizure disorder;

a bleeding or blood clotting disorder;

a history of gallstones; or

if you are older than 65 or younger than 16.

FDA pregnancy category C. It is not known whether sibutramine will harm an unborn baby. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using sibutramine.

It is not known whether sibutramine passes into breast milk or if it could harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Do not give this medication to anyone younger than 16 years old.

How should I take sibutramine?

Take exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. Follow the directions on your prescription label.

Sibutramine is usually taken once daily. Follow your doctor's instructions.

Your doctor may occasionally change your dose to make sure you get the best results.

Sibutramine can be taken with or without food.

You should lose at least 4 pounds during the first 4 weeks of taking sibutramine and eating a low calorie diet. Tell your doctor if you do not lose at least 4 pounds after taking the medication for 4 weeks.

Your blood pressure and pulse will need to be checked often. Visit your doctor regularly.

Sibutramine should not be taken for longer than 2 years.

Store at room temperature away from moisture, heat, and light.

Do not share sibutramine with another person. Keep the medication in a place where others cannot get to it.

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شات - كيفية الدردشة : خطوة بخطوة للمبتدئين

شات - تأخذ كلمة " دردشة او شات الجوال " معانٍ مختلفة لأشخاص مختلفين ، ولكن بغض النظر عما إذا كنت تقصد المراسلة أو غرف الدردشة أو الدردشة المرئية ، فإن العديد من الخطوات للبدء هي نفسها تمامًا. في كل يوم ، شات العنود  يتصل الملايين من الأشخاص مثلك مباشرة بالإنترنت لإجراء محادثات في الوقت الفعلي مع الأصدقاء وحتى مع الغرباء.


تريد أن تتصل؟ اتبع الخطوات أدناه لمعرفة كيفية الدردشة عبر الإنترنت:

البحث عن التطبيق

ضع في اعتبارك بالضبط الأشخاص الذين ترغب في مقابلتهم وما تريد أن تكون قادراً على القيام به عند اختيار منصة الرسائل. إذا كنت ترغب في الدردشة مع أشخاص تعرفهم بالفعل ، فإن أفضل رهان هو استخدام تطبيق ماسنجر يعمل به أصدقاؤك بالفعل - فكل من Facebook Messenger و WhatsApp و Snapchat جميعها خيارات شائعة جدًا. إذا كنت ترغب في تكوين صداقات جديدة أو الدردشة مع أشخاص لا تعرفهم ، فقد ترغب في تجربة تطبيق دردشة مجهول مثل Telegram .

أنشئ حسابك علي شات

اشترك للحصول على اسم الشاشة أو الحساب الخاص بك باستخدام تطبيق المراسلة الذي تنوي استخدامه. معظم التطبيقات مجانية للاشتراك والاستخدام. لمزيد من المعلومات حول كيفية إنشاء حسابك الخاص بالإضافة إلى التلميحات والنصائح ،

تسجيل الدخول في الشات

أدخل اسم الشاشة وكلمة المرور وأية معلومات إضافية يطلبها تطبيق المراسلة لتسجيل الدخول. في كثير من الأحيان عندما تقوم بتسجيل الدخول لأول مرة ، سيكون لديك خيار منح التطبيق إمكانية الوصول إلى جهات الاتصال المخزنة على هاتفك ، مما يجعل من السهل التواصل مع الأشخاص الذين تعرفهم على التطبيق. قد يتوفر لك أيضًا خيار إعداد ملف شخصي ومشاركة بعض التفاصيل حول اهتماماتك حتى يتسنى للتطبيق مطابقتك مع الأشخاص والمحتوى الذي قد تثير اهتمامك.

ابدأ الدردشة

إذا كنت قد اشتركت في تطبيق مجهول ، فيمكنك بدء الدردشة من خلال اتباع المطالبات. إذا كنت قد اشتركت في أحد التطبيقات التي تعرض هويتك ، ووفرت إمكانية الوصول إلى قائمة جهات الاتصال الخاصة بك ، فسترى على الأرجح قائمة بالأشخاص الذين تعرفهم والمتاحين للدردشة. في العديد من التطبيقات لديك أيضًا فرصة للبحث عن جهات الاتصال التي قد تكون مفيدة إذا كنت ترغب في الدردشة مع شخص ما على وجه التحديد.

النظر في دردشة الفيديو

توفر العديد من منصات المراسلة خيارًا للدردشة عبر الفيديو. لحسن الحظ ، يتم تثبيت الكاميرات على الهواتف الذكية مما يتيح لك إمكانية الدردشة بسهولة بواسطة الفيديو بمجرد منحك إمكانية الوصول إلى التطبيق (وهذا هو الأمر الذي سيوفره التطبيق عند الاشتراك أو الإشارة إلى أنك تريد الدردشة عن طريق الفيديو. طريقة رائعة لتخطي المحادثات القائمة على النصوص والتفاعل مع الأشخاص وجهًا لوجه ، وهي طريقة رائعة للتعاون في المشروعات أو تعطيلها فقط عندما تحتاج إلى استراحة.